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Values matter to your teen, linking Values and future goals is essential

I recently read a wonderful piece that stated "Freedom of Expression Is Essential to Gen Z, Gen Z cares about the collective good and well-being. But they also care about everyone having the chance to be who they are in their lives. In other words, freedom of expression is vital to Gen Z. "

As a mother and someone who works closely with youth,

on understanding and developing their values as a basis for their future, this

made me smile. I know that it can be hard to chase change when one doesn't have

a deeper understanding of what that driver for change is truly coming from.

As a career coach, I know that for some clients one of their driving values is Justice. It was when I was young and still is today. For others, it is based on freedom from wrong for good, freedom for others, and/or societies oppressed. Defining your values, is difficult because it is so personal, they are broad and difficult to measure, much less articulate for younger Genzers, yet many more youths are working through this battle now and are turning to coaches and other professionals to understand it better.

Not every youth needs a coach, but like a swimmer, or a musician, or anyone working on something important, like themself - going it alone is not always the answer either- or is leaving it all to chance. If

someone feels the need, and they reach out for guidance, they deserve to have someone there, to help.

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