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Our Why

We aim to influence the entire ecosystem to empower the next generation. We Empower youth to navigate possible futures of work with clarity and purpose by aligning their core values with emerging career opportunities. 



The Bedrock Program

(bed.rɒk: the main principles on which something is based)

We believe that living happy and satisfying lives is vital to developing a better society. Aligned with SDG 4,5,8,& 17 our work focuses on creating an equitable quality education that promotes lifelong learning and good employment opportunities for everyone, self-education is the bedrock to this becoming a reality.

Every successful person in history used a coach to provide clarity, insight and to improve their performance to grow.  World leaders have advisors, athletes have performance coaches, and even celebrities and CEOs know to succeed you need the right people around you to succeed.


Our coaches are highly qualified and certified with extensive professional experience, providing youth with real-world views to help you on your coaching journey. Our methodical approach guarantees that your ultimate objective is realistic and attainable, allowing you to achieve it in both your personal and professional life. Pairing this with the DISC, Motivators, and Strong Interest assessments, we ensure that you receive the finest advice possible on your path to success.

Audrey Hametner, our founder, is a global pioneer in career counseling with extensive experience as an international business strategist and knowledge of coaching best practices. As a Certified Coach with ICF (ACC) and ANLP (Master practitioner), she has the tools to ensure real results.

Don't put off realizing your full potential. Book an appointment today to learn how our experienced and trained coaching specialists may assist you in realizing your goals.


Find out how our experienced and certified coaching professionals can help

Internationally Accredited & Certified Coaches Offering Evidence-Based Solutions for Teenagers & Young Adults. 

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