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The Bedrock Program

(bed.rɒk: the main principles on which something is based)

At The Bedrock Program, we believe that helping the individual live a happy and fulfilled life is crucial for building a better world. Our highly experienced and certified coaching professionals build on your strengths, skills, and interests to create an exciting, actionable plan for your future, backed by real-time analysis through our modern, internationally-certified assessments.


Our founder, Audrey Hametner, is a global leader in career coaching, drawing on her years of experience as an international business strategist, and expertise in educational best practices.


Audrey is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a master NLP practitioner, Audrey is also a member of the ANLP, and International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is certified to offer DISC, Motivators, and Strong Interest assessments tools


As part of The Bedrock Program, every coach you with are fully certified ICF and NLP coaches with deep work experience. We offer clients real-world perspectives to support their coaching journey to ensure the end goal is realistic and structured for success.


Find out how our experienced and certified coaching professionals can help

Internationally Accredited & Certified Coaches Offering Evidence-Based Solutions for Teenagers & Young Adults. 

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