​What you get from us

  • We help Teenagers develop a future career plan with the steps to succeed

  • Our program motivates teens to succeed in high school and University

  • Our clients enter University and stick with their major, not repeating years and incurring additional costs

Through our program youth plan for their future by developing realistic career goals, that reflect their true interests and strengths, which sets them up for a successful future. To do this, we work on identifying and managing self-damaging ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. We replace those self-damaging thoughts and actions with confidence in what they love to do, and what they know they can achieve.

Using a mixture of guided coaching sessions and evidence-based assessments, we work with youth to ensure they believe in their chances of success in their final chosen career path and plan an academic route to success. 

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Let us become part of your family's success story


​How we help you

  • Our clients develop a strong strategy to find their first job & plan for future success

  • We help graduates know how to interview with confidence with employers, setting themselves apart from the crowd

  • Our program enables new graduates to use their degrees and strengths to get hired


At the bedrock program, we help young adults develop a career focus related to their studies. Everyone has a lot going for them when they know where to put their efforts. The best way you can truly feel confident in your studies and looking for your first job is to have clarity on what your goals are and what you have to offer. 

We are here to help. We want the very best for you and work hard to help every client develop their personal brand to confidently navigate their new path. It's not enough to have a degree, the next step is to focus on developing the right path to your success. Differentiating your value and what you bring to the table is what will make you successful.

Students cannot be what they cannot see.

A key source of motivation for students to study hard is to realise their dreams for work and life. Those dreams and aspirations, in turn, do not just depend on students’ talents, but they can be hugely influenced by the personal background of students and their families as well as by the depth and breadth of their knowledge about the world of work.


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 The Bedrock Program career coaching empowers youth with objective data-specific evidence to support each client's journey.  We increase self-awareness of your unique behavioural style, individual motivators, and career interests, which is the first step in preparing and planning for a successful future. 

Advances in behavioural psychology and computer algorithms provide scientific insights that were never available before. Our assessments offer evidence-based results, providing youth with answers and insights faster to support their journey.


Learn more about the benefits of each assessment on offer here.