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The UN Sustainability Goals

How we purposefully contribute to the world's work

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As an impact-driven people-centric organization, The Bedrock Program is intentional with our impact on the world. We help develop the lives and mindsets of youth. Our focus is to develop a future of work, where people are filled with confidence in their possible pathways to success, are intrinsically engaged in the work they do, and enjoy their career journey.

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Quality Education

It's not just what you learn, but how you learn to apply it

When we work with people, we help them develop a clear understanding of how their formal and informal education can support the new narrative about themself. We aim to make education relevant to what people need to grow and reach their full potential. Education is useless until it is useful to someone.

Gender Equity

We all have gifts to share

Gender equity supports every community and economy. 50% of our clients are women and girls trying to make sense of their world and find a purposeful meaning to their journey. Our work helps them seek the roles and opportunities they want, unabashedly and plan for success which builds confidence, and changes perspectives. 

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Decent work & Economic Growth

Building engagment into the future of work

Decent work is individual. It is based on the perspective of the person performing it. When we are intentional about the future impact of our work, we can love the work we are doing. This thinking creates organizations that are filled with intrinsically motivated and engaged people. Engaged people are known to drive innovation, change and growth. 


Together we create stronger impact

The work we do touches families, schools, higher education, and workplaces. As one organization,  we have a limited impact. With our partners, we are achieving exponential impact and success!

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