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Professional Development Workshops & Assessments for students

We provide a variety of support for K-12 schools and Universities to help them deliver more support to their students.

We connect studies and careers for greater student engagement, and motivation to succeed

Teacher and Student

Counsellor Development

Schools and universities contact us to reduce the pressure on career departments and deliver deeper confidence & career guidance to their students 

On-Campus Workshops & Services

Our sessions help students develop confidence, and identify future career options, setting the foundation for school counselors to work more effectively with more students.

Bespoke in-class workshops
Your bespoke in-class workshops support school-led modules on finding career focus, discovering a purpose, building confidence, and developing communication. 

Bedrock Horizons

Reduce the workload of your career staff, while increasing the support and impact on your students using our AI-generated career preparation platform, Bedrock Horizons

Professional Development for staff

Working with schools and universities we educate and train teaching staff and counselors to develop the successful techniques we use with students that achieve success.

Through our partnership with NNU University in the US, these courses are eligible for CCE credits

German Teacher

Advanced Communication Techiques

Learn how to get through to even the toughest students.


Designed specifically for school personnel, this intensive program will equip you with the skills and strategies needed to effectively communicate with students, parents, and staff.

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University Preparation Program

This program provides counsellors with a comprehensive toolkit to support students during their crucial university transition. We address the challenges of self-reliance, time management, and emotional resilience.


Our program equips students with the skills to thrive in a university environment, from managing academic expectations to navigating social pressures and overcoming loneliness. By fostering a growth mindset and excitement for learning, we help students pave the way for a successful and fulfilling university journey.


Student Motivation Techiques

Ignite the potential of your students and inspire positive change with our Advanced Motivation Techniques course for school counselors. Developed by industry experts, this program is designed to equip you with cutting-edge strategies and tools to motivate students to achieve their goals.


Core values discovery techniques for Youth

Empower students to reach their full potential with our Advanced Core Values Development course.


This program will teach you the skills and techniques needed to identify and instill core values in your students, helping them to develop a strong sense of character and purpose.

Raising a Hand

Tabusum Saul
Head of Post-16 Studies
Kings School Al Barsha, Dubai

It is evident that The Bedrock Program is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about helping young people with their next steps in their journey.

Jeffrey Smith_edited.jpg

Jeffrey Smith
School Director, Advantages Middle East

The Bedrock Program offers our students the vital link between knowing how they want to present themselves in life and what they want to do as a career. Helping students stay focused and motivated.

Students Sitting on Staircase

Emran Kashem
Assistant Head of Secondary and Head of Sixth Form
Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park

The Bedrock Program has been instrumental in inspiring our Sixth Form students to reflect on their journey and consider the deeper reasons behind their choices for university and careers. They have taken the care and time to get to know our students and tailor sessions that suit the context, time of year, and priority for students. The feedback has been fantastic from students and teachers who have appreciated the insight and experience.

What school leadership say about us...

Goal oriented Assessments

We provide evidence-based tools to help schools quickly and effectively hone in on how to help their students and guide parents on how they can support the process at home. 

To learn more about the benefits of each assessment we offer, click below.

Family at Home

Partnering to provide the best solutions for students

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