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The Changing Job Market: Opportunities for Young People to Carve Their Own Path

What an amazing time to be young! instead of being constrained by the "old rules of doing things" and the need to be with one company to get a pension, or to fear getting the first job right, or never being #employable, the future has never seemed so WIDE OPEN.

According to the WEF "Employers expect to create 69 million new jobs by 2027 and eliminate 83 million positions. That will result in a net loss of 14 million jobs, equivalent to 2% of current employment."

This is a REAL opportunity! Parents should feel comfortable to let their children find their way, as that way may be the next breakthrough! Schools and Universities should feel empowered to push creative thinking, deep analytical process, and critical thinking skills knowing they are shaping the #leadership of the future!

I woke up to this news and feel so incredibly excited for my children and all those we work with to build and support a promising future!

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