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The Future of Work for Youth

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Last week, I had the honour of attending some of the events at the #wef2022 Annual meeting last week, and I am truly excited about some of the progress in discussions about where we are going and advancements in thinking that are being put on the table. Of all the topics discussed, I found myself constantly drawn to asking myself about mental health, wellbeing, and the future state of our youth. What kind of people are we nurturing for future employment, and what type of support structures are we prioritizing to ensure that they have what they need to succeed.

Living in a constant state of change has been the norm for quite some time, so what are we doing to ensure that all youth are prepared for and recognize their place and space in the future? Part of the success of #SDG4 is for the student to do something with a good education- once achieved. and part of the success of #SDG8 comes from an engaged workforce- engagement comes easier when employees live a sense of purpose in what they do.

In the discussion, on the future of work, I was a little startled to see that the expectation is that 85 million jobs may be displaced, by 2025... in just 3 years. Some of my clients that are just starting their goal-setting now and starting university and colleges – career planning for and after college- are going to find a plethora of new and exciting opportunities to visualize and shape the trajectory of their visions.

Working with youth on careers, we explore the intersection between skills, values, and focus for the future. I see the nervousness in the faces of parents and teens about making decisions now that will affect choices for the future and I am excited that those who are looking ahead are bracing themselves for the careers unknown, with insights that will make those choices easier to navigate!

There are new and emerging industries that are rising faster in various countries and are offering youth globally opportunities to capitalize on our small world to develop a future they want. Not a narrow future governed by only the jobs our parents thought were good at the beginning of the last century or the start of this millennium, but to create industries out of solving real-world issues and being innovative!

The changes to tose 85 million jobs are already being developed. Technologies are already being trialed and people young and old are experimenting with new ways to improve lives for those in both mature and emerging nations simultaneously.

It’s exciting to be a part of this change from the back. Shaping the minds of our youth to identify and use their talents, their values and find the motivation to succeed equally for themselves and the vision of the future they want.

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