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New university admissions requirements: The New Era for the UAE's EmSAT

On the 2nd of February 2023, the UAE announced an important change to university admissions: the Emirates Standardized Test will no longer be a necessity for UAE universities. I then got a call from Zeena Zalamea from Dubai Eye 103.8 and aired on Georgia Tolley's afternoon show for my opinion on the piece.

I gave my thought leadership on the matter with focused humility. While I have been on the radio before, I am always thankful for being recognized and asked as an expert in my field. And I am humbled for the chance to share. What use is #knowledge if you keep it hidden from those who can benefit?

On this matter, I feel quite passionate because for many families, providing a space for youth to be taken seriously and fight for something they truly want is important. Yet there is no single answer. Creating a fair space that also allows for the diversity of the applicants to show value is not easy to achieve.

Entering into higher education is important for those who do, and giving youth the right space to step forward is vital to set them up to succeed. Universities desire motivated, engaged students who will improve the community and stay on as alumni! Students want an experience that fits their expectations and a good, solid, respectable degree to get them a good job and set them off on a great career.

I know that the UAE will find the right balance; if history is any indication, some institutions will innovate and lead the way in identifying and attracting terrific talent.

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