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Embracing the College Experience: Studying, Socializing, and Finding Your Path

We encourage students to focus on making the most out of their time in college, of course, study and get their degree but also to get to know themselves, and talents and to build a tribe.

College can be a great place to get to know like-minded people: for once in your life, you are choosing what to study, so you may find people with the same interests and hobbies there. Some of the deepest and most meaningful relationships that will get you through life’s challenges, professional networking, and ultimately keep loneliness at bay, will start through the relationships made in college.

We all know the job market is tough and getting good grades to graduate is important, but what gets you far in life are the networks you make. The strength of those networks is based on the strength of the relationships within. So practice getting outside of your comfort zone, and make the first move to developing relationships at the sports events, at the debates club, the study hall, at the library when taking a break from studying, or even after class. Avoid letting the use of technology, keep you isolated in your dorm or apartment. Social interaction has a variety of health, professional and social benefits.


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