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Internationally Accredited & Certified Coaches Offering Evidence-Based Solutions for Teenagers & Young Adults. 

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Our strength is in helping our clients make real, sustainable progress about their career choice in a safe, explorative environment.


The Bedrock Program career coaching is based on unlocking the teenager or young adult’s core beliefs and values, creating powerful, lasting self-awareness. This translates into confident career choices, secure that their path is based on their individual strengths and motivations.


Once you understand where you want to go, deciding which higher exams to take, applying for university courses, or taking that first step into the world of work are easier decisions to make. We provide a safe, creative environment for discussion and discovery.


Only when people are able to recognize in themselves the motivations and values that drive their true happiness, can we move forward with defining real options to explore. We work with your family to create a confident, actionable plan you can believe in. 

"Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy."

-Brian Tracy

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The Bedrock Program

Career coaching for Teenagers, Young Adults & Parents

in Dubai & London

These years hold great opportunity to dream and plan for the future. With a good understanding of who you are and where you want to go, decisions about the future, can be exciting.

We help youth plan for their future by developing realistic career goals, that reflects true interests, and strengths, which sets them up for a successful future. To do this, we work on identifying and managing self-damaging ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and replace them with confidence in what they love to do, and what they know they can achieve.

 Using a mixture of guided coaching sessions and evidence based assessments, we work with youth to ensure they believe in their chances of success in their final chosen career path, and plan an academic route to success. 


The Bedrock Program roadmap to success in Dubai & London

Strengths + Values + Academic Profile = Confidence + Actionable Plan  


These years hold great opportunity for our courageous, curious teenagers and young adults to dream and explore. We help youth build confidence and plan ahead, by developing exciting, realistic career goals that reflect their true interests and strengths, setting them up for a successful future.


Through a mixture of internationally accredited assessments and coaching, we work one-to-one, or in group workshops to:

  • Uncover what motivates your teenager or young adult and translate it into tangible career choices, creating a clear roadmap to move forward.


  • Unearth and develop your teenager’s natural aptitudes, identifying underappreciated areas of strength.

  • Focus on alignment of their core principles and beliefs with interests and academic profile, to create a motivational, actionable plan for the future.


  • Give them the confidence to own and love their plan

"Effective Career Guidance encourages students to reflect on who they are

and who they want to become...and think critically about

the relationships between their educational choices and future life. " - OECD

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The bedrock of career coaching for teenagers, young adults, & parents in Dubai & London

(bed.rɒk: the main principles on which something is based)

At The Bedrock Program, we believe that helping the individual live a happy and fulfilled life is crucial for building a better world. Our highly experienced and certified coaching professionals build on your strengths, skills, and interests to create an exciting, actionable plan for your future, backed by real-time analysis through our modern, internationally certified assessments.

Our founder, Audrey Hametner, is a global leader in career coaching, drawing on her years of experience as an international business strategist, and expertise in educational best practice.

Audrey is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF), which sets the international gold standard in ethics and oversight in coaching globally. She is certified to offer DISC and Motivators assessments tools.  A master NLP practitioner, Audrey is also a member of the ANLP, the only International NLP Organisation with an established public reputation for ethics and setting global standards for NLP practices, accountable to the Community Interest Company Regulator (UK).


Find out how our experienced and certified coaching professionals can help

Internationally Accredited & Certified Coaches Offering Evidence-Based Solutions for Teenagers & Young Adults. 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Career Coaching for Teenagers & Young Adults


We are here to help every teenager & Young Adult who needs to discover their own career path. Book your consultation now.

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