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career & confidence development coaching for
teenagers & young adults 
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Internationally Award-Winning ICF Certified Coaches Offering Evidence-Based Solutions for Teenagers & Young Adults. 




Discover your roadmap, your way

As a social impact firm, we are committed to building your child's confidence and identifying viable career options. Our certified coaches are passionate about uncovering your child's core beliefs and values in order to build long-term confidence that will allow them to make sound decisions throughout their lives.

We understand that life after high school can be frightening and uncertain for you and your child. That is why we work with schools, universities, businesses, and families to reduce fear and anxiety while also fostering greater confidence and clearer career paths.

Our approach focuses on empowering your child to recognize their own strengths and solid motivations so that they can confidently pursue their future goals. Your child will feel more confident that their path is based on their unique values and passions with our expert guidance.

Don't leave your child's future up in the air. Allow The Bedrock Program to assist you in developing a confident, action-oriented youth who can confidently drive a successful future for themselves.

Reach out and make that vital investment in your child's future today!

"Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy."

-Brian Tracy

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Let us become part of your family's success story


The Bedrock Program roadmap to success

Confidence + Values + Skills Profile = Actionable Plan  


 internationally accredited assessments

development workshops and

one-to-one programs 

At our core, we are committed to assisting youngsters in reaching their full potential. Here is how we do it:


  • We discover what makes motivates people and translate that into actual, customizable job opportunities.

  • ​​We assist them in discovering their particular abilities and talents, which may be neglected or underestimated.

  • We match their values and beliefs to their academic profile so they may devise a strategy that truly inspires them.

  • We recognize that the workplace is always evolving, therefore we assist them to embrace change with confidence.

  • Most significantly, we assist them in developing the courage to own and enjoy their strategy.

"Effective Career Guidance encourages students to reflect on who they are

and who they want to become...and think critically about

the relationships between their educational choices and future life. "

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 

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