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At The Bedrock Program, we believe that helping the individual is crucial for building a better world. We offer you evidence-based career coaching that is backed by empirical scientific analysis through our assessments. This enables us to identify the facts swiftly so that your teenager can make good progress and their career plan has evidence to support the identified solution.

We serve the needs of our clients and their families through the following formats.


Discover your roadmap, your way

Individual coaching is a safe and secure space for your teenager to gain a better understanding of who they are, and determine what they need out of a career path. The focused individual attention that one-on-one sessions provide means your son or daughter gains real-time feedback and results for their decisions. 

We work on identifying and managing self-damaging ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and replace them with confidence in what they love doing, and what they know they can achieve.


The Bedrock Program’s coaches are certified professionals who are highly experienced in working with teenagers. They know how to relate to your teen, which makes results happen quickly and positively, making sure they believe in their chances of success.

Coaching Teenagers
Young Businesswoman



At The Bedrock Program, we know that university and college are exciting times, with course options, projects, exams, social life, and job applications all in the mix as well.

With the changing economic and technological requirements, today’s job market is highly competitive. Getting that first graduate job is no easy feat, and breaking into the workforce can be tough with no or little work experience.


Working with The Bedrock Program, we help young adults identify where they fit into the future of work and clearly define career focus. The best way you can feel truly confident in your search, and during interviews, is to have clarity on what your goals are and what you have to offer. 

Coaching Young Adults

" The research literature is clear that one of the best indicators of young people’s capacity to understand and progress in the labour market is the extent to which their educational and occupational aspirations are aligned."- OECD


Our assessments offer scientific, evidence-based solutions, providing youth and parents with answers and insights in minutes, rather than months.


Advances in behavioural psychology and computer algorithms provide scientific insights that were never available before. With these advanced developments, The Bedrock Program career coaching empowers you, your teenager, or your young adult based on objective data specific to each individual. Increasing self-awareness of your unique Behavioural and Motivational styles is the first step in preparing and planning for your future. 

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Career Workshops
Professor & Students


Workshops are a fun, interactive way to explore career choices in a safe environment with other students. Our workshops are designed to allow students to work together in understanding how their belief structures and personal preconceptions can be used to find the basic characteristics for a career that works for them.


The Bedrock Program career coaching workshops create the perfect environment to foster growth and development for our collaborative and curious participants. 

Coaching for Parents
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