At The Bedrock Program, we believe that helping the individual is crucial for building a better world. We offer your family evidence based career coaching that is backed by empirical scientific analysis through our assessments. This enables us to identify the facts swiftly, with solid evidence so that your teenager can make real progress faster and their career choice has evidence to support the identified decision.

We serve the needs of our clients and their families through the following formats.




Individual coaching is a safe and secure space for your teenager or young adult to gain a better understanding of who they are and determine what they need out of a career path. The focused individual attention that one-on-one sessions provide, means your teenager is gaining real-time feedback and results for their decisions. 

As a parent, you know that the self-discovery journey that your teenager experiences in coaching is guided by a professional who creates a safe space and captures the relevant information to create a career profile. 

The Bedrock Program's coaches are certified professionals who have experience working with teenagers and young adults. They know how to relate to your teen which helps getting results happen quicker.


Workshops are a fun, interactive way to explore career choices in a safe environment with other students. Our workshops are designed to allow students to work together in understanding how their belief structures and personal limitations can be used to find the basic characteristics for a career that works for them.


In a supportive group setting, brainstorming is easier and peer assurances make acceptance easier and development quick. Teenagers sometimes need their peers to show them that the limitations they think they have, are just in their heads- with the right focus, any career career is possible.

The Bedrock Program career coaching workshops creates the right environment to foster growth and development for our workshop attendees. 


At the Bedrock program, we are often called on to provide parents and teenagers our insights, tips and assessments on issues relating to Career path development, communication and career support management.


Our evidence based approach means audiences receive messages that reflect evidenced facts, alongside the deep proven coaching results of our experience. 

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