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ASAD, 24

ANNA, 27

The Bedrock Program was recommended to me by a friend. When we met first I instantly got a very good and positive vibe from Audrey, she was very approachable and it felt so easy and comfortable to open up to her.


Through our sessions, she has shown great industry knowledge, and professionalism but most importantly she has put in all her heart and made me feel like she really cares about my struggles.

When we started our sessions I myself was not sure what I want out of them, just felt very lost, confused, and helpless. She has made me realize a lot through our journey but the most important things that I took away from were:

  • firstly understanding my communication style and being able to adapt it to others

  • secondly which I treasure the most; she made me feel comfortable in my own skin and made me realize that I’m not silly, stupid, or naive in my thinking and I should not change it but stick to my grounds and just look for the right environment that I can align with 

  • Finally how to keep your emotions and mind focused on the right things and not sucked into the wrong battles

I would gladly recommend Audrey to anyone that needs support in professional aspects of life.

"Thanks to the program's help, my son now has a plan for what schools to apply to and more importantly, what major he is applying for. Thank you!"

"Audrey was a tremendous support helping our daughter figure out what she wanted to do with her life. We are so grateful for her support."

"I am so much more confident now - knowing what I want to do and how I will get there. I was so nervous before to share my ideas with my parents, but Ms. Audrey made it easy and now we can talk about my plans easier." 

Ms Audrey was so much fun. I had so much fun in her workshop and learned a lot about what is important to me and why I want to go to University. Thank you Ms. Audrey,  you are amazing.

Ms. Audrey asked me questions I had not thought of before. It was weird, and at times hard, but it was good in the end. 

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