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The Identity issue with Self & your Career

Over the weekend I read this article. It was forwarded to me by someone dear who is struggling with this very issue. We work so hard in our careers, to make a name for ourselves and not just become an expert in our fields but to make an impact in some way. This dedication comes at a cost, and so many of us, myself included, intertwine what we do with who we are to the point that it becomes how we face the world.

I was at an executive lunch last week and when asked about myself, it was exactly what I did... talk about my work and the impact I work hard to make on people's lives, both individually and in business.

I like this article, yet does it truly go far enough to bring about a balance inside? When I don't discuss business, I am often looked at as not promoting what I do in the right situations... "You never know who will be a client" or "who will have a need" or "Who needs to put your name in the room when an opportunity arises, and you aren't around?"...

So when do I really turn it off and revert to the Mother of 2 who enjoys philosophy, tennis, riding horses, and sailing?

read the article here

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