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Why Dogs Are Always Happy and What We Can Learn From Our Furry Friends

Have you ever wondered why are dogs usually so incredibly happy? 🙂

The key is that animals don´t overthink, they don´t expect anything.. they are just happy with what they have. They don´t need anything else. Does this ring a bell? Well yes, this is the principle of living in Gratitude.

I am not proposing to give up developing yourself or not go after your goals. What I am suggesting is to take a moment daily and reflect on what you do have as you work towards the next steps in your journey. Gratitude allows you to see the micro progress and positively reflect on the journey. This provides reinforcement that you are making progress, it gives some energy and motivation to keep moving forward and it makes you happier as you see progress.

We can learn how to master this philosophy just by mimicking our pets 👉 What do you think?


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