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At The Bedrock Program, we know that university & college are exciting times. For some students, the focus during your time is mostly on what classes to take, class projects, exams, and your social life, there isn't much energy to worry too much on what comes next. For others, the entire focus is on job will you get after your studies, and wondering if are you prepared.

It is true that college/university graduates are sought after more often than non-graduates, and that the job market is incredibly highly competitive, especially in recent times. It is also very important to have the right focus for your career search.


To start, you should have a career focus, not just worry about what your on the first job will be. Oftentimes new graduates have a hard time in interviews communicating their value and what they want out of the perspective job, because they aren't really sure what they want out of it, and therefore, how they are going to show their value to the interviewer.


Getting that first a job right after graduation is no easy feat. Chances are, if you have not already began preparing for it the semester before graduation, you will no doubt realize that it takes a lot of work, and the competition is fierce. Breaking into the work force can be really tough and many new graduates worry that employers will not be interested in them because they do not have any/ or very little work experience in their new chosen field.


Working with the bedrock program, we help young adults realize that their landscape is bright. Everyone has a lot going for them, when they know where to put their efforts. The best way you can truly feel confident in your search and during interviews, so you are not just trying to "fake it until you make it", is to have clarity on what your goals are and what you have to offer. 

We are here to help. We want the very best for you and work hard to help every client develop their personal brand to confidently navigate their new path.

Students cannot be what they cannot see.

A key source of motivation for students to study hard is to realise their dreams for work and life. Those dreams and aspirations, in turn, do not just depend on students’ talents, but they can be hugely influenced by the personal background of students and their families as well as by the depth and breadth of their knowledge about the world of work.


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