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The messages we present youth as they plan for the future are important.

Last night I had a young client of 17 who is working out his path in life. One insightful comment he made was about going after a career based on your values and pay inequity. His comment was simple " If I have something to offer to employers and I work just as hard as the next guy, and the company benefits, then why should I take a career that will pay less?" His point is real, companies like The Bedrock Program espouse seeking meaningful employment and building careers that will enhance the engagement factor by being deeply motivated... But as young people start out on their journey and plan for post-secondary education, they are hit with headlines about "better jobs" based on who is paid more and what positions are presented as more prestigious to society. It is a dilemma I think about daily, because it is real, but it is also a dilemma that haunts adults in corporate jobs today…

Some are successful, some just get by, what they have in common is the feeling that they are working to feed their families and make a living, but feel like they aren’t living… if this isn’t what we want for the next generation, how can we reframe the current situation?

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